Swimming pool and wellness at Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux

Bordeaux, renowned for its architectural heritage and world-famous vineyards, is also a city where luxury and well-being have a special resonance. For those seeking an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city, finding a hotel with a swimming pool in Bordeaux is a priority.

Le Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux stands out from the crowd with its exceptional wellness area, offering a most rejuvenating aquatic experience. At the heart of this 5-star establishment, the pool is not just a place to swim: it's a sanctuary of tranquility that promises to sublimate your stay in Bordeaux.

Surrounded by a refined décor and designed for perfect harmony between indoors and outdoors, the Boutique Hôtel & Spa's heated pool is an invitation to relaxation that you won't be able to resist. It offers a space of calm and serenity, complementing the hotel's sauna, hammam and personalized treatments.

Luxury: discover our hotel with swimming pool in Bordeaux

When it comes to luxury hotels, every detail counts. With this in mind, the Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux has designed its wellness area, a veritable showcase dedicated to relaxation. At the heart of this space, the heated indoor/outdoor swimming pool is a true architectural feat. Imagine a place where the water stretches out before your eyes, offering itself to you as an invitation to let go.

The subtle transition between indoors and outdoors creates a unique experience, allowing you to swim under a starry sky or under the gentle rays of the sun, as you wish. The carefully controlled water temperature guarantees absolute comfort at all times of the year, making every swim perfect.

But the pool is not the only asset of this wellness area. The ambience is designed to awaken the senses and transport guests away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Between laps, you can relax on the elegant sun loungers, wrap yourself in the softness of the fluffy towels provided and let yourself be carried away by the soothing atmosphere. Every moment spent here is an enchanted interlude in your day, a luxury that only the Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux can offer.

Absolute relaxation in our 5-star hotel with heated indoor/outdoor pool

At our hotel with pool in Bordeaux, the heated indoor/outdoor pool is an invitation to relax. Designed to offer an unrivalled swimming experience all year round, this unique pool combines the best of two worlds: the freshness of the open air and the comforting warmth of the indoors.

The advantage of such a facility is undeniable. During the winter months, you can dive into the warm waters without fear of the cold outside. And in summer, you can enjoy outdoor swimming in water at an ideal temperature. This versatility makes our pool the perfect place to recharge your batteries, whether to start the day with energy or to relax after a day of sightseeing or work.

As for the quality of the facilities, this reflects the hotel's commitment to providing the very best for its guests. The pool is regularly maintained and checked to ensure impeccable cleanliness and optimum water quality. The materials used are both elegant and durable, creating a luxurious and comfortable setting. Whether you want to take a dip or simply relax by the water, the pool at the Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux is a symbol of refined living and absolute relaxation.

More than a hotel with pool, a complete spa experience in Bordeaux

The Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux transcends the very idea of a hotel with a swimming pool to offer a complete spa experience. Beyond the heated pool, the hotel's wellness area is a haven dedicated to relaxation and revitalization (ideal before enjoying a drink in our Wine Bar).

Guests are invited to enjoy the sauna and hammam, designed to purify body and mind. The dry heat of the sauna relaxes muscles and relieves stress, while the humid, fragrant atmosphere of the hammam invites deep meditation, promoting complete relaxation. The sensory shower offers a refreshing, invigorating experience, with light effects and a variety of water jets to stimulate the senses and provide immediate well-being. It's the perfect prelude or end to your relaxation journey.

For an even more personal escape, the Boutique Hôtel & Spa offers a menu of treatments and massages (available in your room). These services are tailored to individual preferences and performed by qualified therapists, ensuring a tailor-made experience that meets every wellness need.

Serenity and well-being: your spa hotel in Bordeaux

At our 5-star establishment, the quest for serenity and well-being is at the heart of the customer experience. Far from simply offering traditional spa services, the establishment strives to personalize each moment of relaxation so that it becomes an unforgettable interlude in the daily lives of its guests.

Wellness services are designed to meet the specific needs of each guest. Whether it's a massage with essential oils to suit your mood, a facial customized to your skin type, or a guided relaxation session to regain inner peace and harmony, the hotel emphasizes a holistic approach to relaxation.

The transcendence of the traditional spa experience is also evident in the sumptuous setting of the Boutique Hôtel & Spa. Every space is designed to harmonize discreet luxury and sensory soothing, from the murmur of the pool water to the hushed atmosphere of the relaxation lounge and the delicate fragrances wafting through the corridors.

Regeneration and relaxation in our hotel with sauna and hammam

In the intimate Espace Bien-Être of the Boutique Hôtel & Spa Bordeaux, guests find an oasis of regeneration and relaxation. The sauna and hammam are sanctuaries dedicated to purification and rejuvenation, offering an experience of deep relaxation and numerous health benefits.

The sauna, with its dry, enveloping heat, invites guests to a ritual of purification that stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and releases tension. In this tranquil space, guests are encouraged to let go of the stress and worries of everyday life, while the hammam's moist heat gently envelops the body, promoting deeper muscle relaxation and skin purification. Hot water vapors scented with eucalyptus essences open the respiratory tract, clarifying the mind and inviting silent meditation.

The benefits of these experiences are manifold: in addition to their relaxing virtues, the sauna and hammam help eliminate toxins, improve sleep and strengthen the immune system. In this serene setting, each visit becomes a step towards renewed balance and overall well-being.

Our hotel with swimming pool in Bordeaux offers a haven where body and mind can regenerate. Treatments are complemented by relaxation breaks in rest areas, where time seems suspended, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in a holistic wellness experience.To enjoy a wellness experience rooted in Bordeaux's elegance and refinement, simply book into our 5-star hotel

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