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Bordeaux is one of the most popular cities for tourists from France and abroad. La belle endormie" (the "sleeping beauty") has a rich natural and architectural heritage. The charm of its city center has long attracted travelers in search of authenticity.

All the attractions of the city of Bordeaux make it an unmissable place to visit. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options, but for the ultimate experience, there's nothing like booking your stay in a luxury hotel in Bordeaux.

If you're looking for an atypical, upscale establishment steeped in history, the Boutique Hôtel & Spa is the ideal choice. From the moment you enter this luxury hotel in Bordeaux, let yourself be carried away by its decor, which combines prestige, design and modernity.

The Boutique Hôtel & Spa will appeal to travelers seeking intimate luxury.

A 5-star hotel in Bordeaux steeped in history

Garden - Boutique Hotel Bordeaux Centre

Many scenes from French history have been played out within the walls of the Boutique Hôtel & Spa.
Count Pierre-Denis de Peyronnet, minister to Louis XVIII and Charles X, was born in this building.
As early as the French Revolution, Bordeaux notables such as Baron Haussmann made their home here, as did the vacationing Parisian bourgeoisie.

Finally, literary high society, including Victor Hugo and Alphonse de Lamartine, loved to gather in this charming and inspiring setting.
These snippets of history have been preserved right down to the decoration of the rooms. Each room in this luxury hotel in Bordeaux has its own personal universe, with antique parquet flooring, stone walls and designer furnishings.

The Boutique Hôtel & Spa is unrivalled in its ability to combine prestige and modernity.  

A luxury hotel in Bordeaux with top-of-the-range services

Jacuzzi Terrace Room - Boutique Hotel Bordeaux Centre

What better way to start the day than with a delicious breakfast featuring regional flavors?
Prepared with local produce, the breakfast served at the Boutique Hôtel & Spa will seduce even the most delicate taste buds.
Want to make the most of your room? Room service will be delighted to take your breakfast up to your room.

Several room categories feature private terraces, ideal for enjoying the mild Bordeaux climate at any time of day.

After a day's sightseeing, there's nothing quite like a solo or duo massage. Don't want to travel? The spa invites itself into your room, promising a real moment of relaxation.

A 5-star hotel in Bordeaux for a romantic getaway

Seminar room - Boutique Hotel Bordeaux Centre

Lorsqu’on décide de réserver un séjour romantique inoubliable avec sa moitié, la qualité des équipements compte énormément dans le choix de l’hôtel. Sur ce point, le Boutique Hôtel & Spa a tout bon. Literie confortable haut de gamme, jacuzzi, balnéothérapie, produits d’accueil Hermès, cet hôtel de luxe à Bordeaux est le lieu idéal pour un séjour à deux.

Les équipes du Boutique Hôtel & Spa se feront un plaisir de vous concocter une ambiance romantique à souhait. Une décoration de chambre composée de pétales de roses et de bougies vous charmeront dès votre arrivée. La cerise sur le gâteau ? Une bouteille de Champagne complètera à merveille votre accueil dans cet hôtel de luxe à Bordeaux.

A luxury hotel in Bordeaux center for your business meetings

Le Boutique Hôtel Bordeaux - Bathing terrace

Are you looking for a luxurious yet intimate venue for your business meetings (seminars, incentives, colloquia, etc.)? The Boutique Hôtel & Spa has two fully-equipped areas dedicated to corporate events: an enclosed area, the Saint-Emilion library, which can accommodate up to 30 people, and a wooded garden separated by a glass roof, ideal for hosting up to 70 people.

In such a setting, your cocktails, brunches or business meetings are sure to be a success.

The double space created by the glass roof allows you to enjoy each of your guests in complete conviviality.

An upscale hotel in the heart of Bordeaux's historic center

To make the most of all Bordeaux has to offer, what better place to stay than in its very center? The Boutique Hôtel & Spa is less than 10 minutes' walk from the mythical Palais Gallien, much appreciated by tourists for its history and architecture.

Located in one of France's greatest wine-growing regions, this luxury hotel in Bordeaux offers a wine-themed ambience. The names of Bordeaux's great châteaux are emblazoned on the doors of the rooms, and the courtyard proudly displays magnificent grape varieties.

Would you like to take advantage of your stay to learn all about Bordeaux's vineyards? The Boutique Hôtel & Spa concierge team can organize a memorable Wine Tour for you, thanks to its network of local partners.

To take advantage of the best guaranteed rates, book your stay now on the Boutique Hôtel & Spa website.

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